The Ch JPEG package is a Ch binding to JPEG C library. Ch is a free C/C++ interpreter. With Ch JPEG, all C (or C++) programs using functions in the JPEG C library can readily run in Ch interpretively without compilation.

Release Notes

Ch JPEG version 1.0, February 9, 2004

System Requirements

(1) Ch Standard or Professional Edition version or higher for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX. Ch is free and available for multiple platforms from SoftIntegration at

More information about JPEG can be found at or

Files in Distribution

Ch JPEG package contains the following directories

/jpeg Ch JPEG package
/demos JPEG demo programs in C ready to run in Ch jpeg
/dl dynamically loaded library
/include header files
/lib function files
/src Ch JPEG package
/tinclude copy of header files
/jpeg/src Files and utilites used to build Ch JPEG
/c _chdl.c C wrappers
/createchf Ch function files
/include JPEG specific include files
/lib.handmade Altered files necessary for the JPEG library
/libs Libraries for multiple platforms